working for yourself in construction

Working For Yourself In Construction

Advice on how to start working for yourself in construction 


George Theodosiou of GFS Solutions is a motivational speaker and consultant to the construction industry. In this interview, he shares his advice on how to start working for yourself in construction. George talks about how people in trades can get clients as soon as possible. He also shows you how to structure a business, and build cash flow. Learn how to get up and running with no flash website or heavy advertising budget. Finally, George gives advice on how to handle clients from the very beginning. 

Hear George’s fascinating story of how working with people in debt led to his work with trades and construction, and why he wants to help them avoid the same thing. 

This video is ideal for anyone in construction, has been made redundant, and wants to set up business on their own. Indeed, it has lots of practical advice that is useful for anyone starting a business. 


George Theodosiou on Working For Yourself In The Construction Industry from paula gardner on Vimeo.

George TheodosiouGeorge Theodosiou

is a speaker and consultant. People often call him the “The Tradesmen’s Business Advisor.” He can be found on Facebook at, walking his talk and getting clients without even a website. George, who started his career helping people get out of debt and insolvency, now specialises in working with the construction industry, as he is passionate about helping tradespeople avoid the debt trap that is all so easy to fall into. 

He also is happy to answer any questions. You can contact him via email at

If you are considering setting up in business you will find The Career Pause and Pivot useful to work through. Are you really cut out for business, and will working in construction be right for you?