Why We Need Our Self-Worth Right Now

Move away from judging yourself on your self-esteem 


Business coach and author of The Self-Worth Safari, John Niland untangles the differences between self-esteem and self-worth. John explains why we need to be cultivating the latter to move on from redundancy. We discuss why society’s focus on self-esteem could be setting us up for more emotional turmoil. Instead, it is self-worth that we should be focusing on. John shares his ideas on how to do just that, even when we may be reeling from the shock and anxiety surrounding redundancy. 

John also shares his own story of how he managed to step away from defining himself through his self-esteem, and what impact this had on his own life. He talks about how, in 2015-16, he was hit by a series of personal losses. These included the end of a relationship, a project-failure, Brexit and its consequences. Then, finally, the death of his mother. Suddenly, he became that person self-preoccupied with the “Who-the-hell-am-I” question. The Self-Worth Safari grew out of his own struggles and the subsequent discovery that he was not alone. John has piloted this with over 120 people. As a result, he has seen the power of self-worth to transform careers, sales, confidence as well as a host of personal applications: from self-care to sense of purpose.


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John Niland

John Niland on self-worthJohn Niland is a coach, speaker, author and the founder of the brilliantly named Self-Worth Academy. His message is to distinguish between self-esteem and self-worth. He is the author of The Courage to Ask, The Self-Worth Safari . John works with business owners, executives, and indeed anyone who wants to deepen their unconditional friendship with themselves.

You can find out more at https://www.selfworthacademy.com 

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