Mavis Amankwah

What You Need To Know About Funding

Business Consultant Mavis Amankwah gives the low down on what you need to know about funding 


Award winning business woman and serial entrepreneur Mavis Amankwah takes us through what you need to know about funding. She describes the different avenues to find funding, and what you need to have in place to be able to apply. Mavis, who runs a number of businesses, lets us in on why she thinks funding can help scale a business fast. However, she is also upfront and honest about the risk of taking on funding. She talks about when is a good time to go for funding, and when not. 


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Mavis Amankwah

mavis amankwah on what you need to know about fundingMavis has been in business for over fifteen years and her various businesses cover PR, coaching, business support and development and a recruitment agency. She has a team of assistants who can talk you through how to apply for loans. Mavis is also runs a networking club, Women Like Me. Additionally, she is a popular speaker and contributor on the subject of diversity in business.

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