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Expert Interview: What to Expect From An Assessment Centre

Answering your questions about what to expect from an assessment centre


Many jobs now require you to attend an assessment centre as part of the recruitment process. This can sound daunting and we are often asked what to expect from an assessment centre. Here, occupational psychologist Olive Amoh talks us through what an assessment centre is (clue: it’s not a real place). Olive, who has been assisting and running assessment centres for over 20 years, explains the best way to prepare for one. How should you approach it on the day and what might it involve? Will there be personality tests? How can an assessment centre work better for you than one lone interview? How can you use it as an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and expertise? What clues can you find in the interview pack?

With some assessment centres lasting for two to three, Olives also shares her thoughts on how you can keep up your stamina, and stay on top of your game. Finally, Olive gives tips on how to optimise your mindset.

This video interview is ideal for anyone who hasn’t come across an assessment centre before, and wants to understand what they might experience as part of the recruitment process.



What to Expect From An Assessment Centre from paula gardner on Vimeo.


Olive Amoh

olive Amoh on what to expect from an assessment centreOlive is a Chartered Psychologist, Registered Occupational Psychologist, and Coach. She has over 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors, both in the UK and internationally. Over this period, she has developed expertise in leadership and management development, action learning set facilitation, selection and assessment, career and executive coaching.

You can contact Olive at or through her LinkedIn profile at

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