uncertainty after redundancy

Uncertainty After Redundancy

Dealing with uncertainty after redundancy


Therapist and coach Rosalyn Palmer discusses uncertainty after redundancy. We delve into what uncertainty is, and the feelings it can bring up. What triggers uncertainty? Why too much uncertainty can trigger stress (and what to do about this).  We go into the rise of a need to control and even OCD.  This can bring about extra stress while we are trying to sort our lives out.

We talk about easy ways to deal with uncertainty at any time, such as the fact that looking at how the news can feed into our anxieties. How can stress show up in your body, and what can you do to build your own resilience? Rosalyn’s ideas are simple and easy to implement.


Rosalyn Palmer is a Transformational Coach and Therapist, author, columnist and broadcaster. 

She is also is the wellbeing expert on radio show Girls Around Town and for The Newark Advertiser newspaper. She features regularly on podcasts and in many publications for her easy to understand mental health advice.

As author of the award-winning self-help book: ‘Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life’ she shares many of her own former challenges as a stressed-out MD of a leading London PR agency and then offers practical advice for readers to create more balanced lives.  Rosalyn is now also a co-author of Amazon No.1 bestselling self-help books ‘Ignite Your Life for Women’, ‘Ignite Your Female Leadership’ and ‘Ignite for Female Changemakers’.

A member of the National Council of Psychotherapists; General Hypnotherapy Register & Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Formerly the MD/Founder of Award winning PR agency RPPR, Head of Marketing for an International charity and Head of Insight for a T&D company, and with an enviable CV from leading London agencies in the 80s and 90s, Rosalyn has grown from many challenging life experiences. This colours and tempers her writing, broadcasting and speaking.


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