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Tutorial: How to Use Trello to Organise Your Job Search

Trello can be a great visual project management resource and an alternative to Excel for organising your thoughts, plans and actions. Maria Watson takes us through how to set up a Trello board to help organise your job search, as well as introducing Trello to anyone who may not have used it before.  You will need an account with to take action on this!

How to Use Trello To Organise Your Job Search from paula gardner on Vimeo.

Maria has set up a job searching board template which you can copy here. Instructions on how to copy and make your own board are on the left. You will need to join Trello, which you can do for free, to access.

Maria WatsonMaria Watson helps dis-organised business owners create simple ways to bring calm, order & organisation to their life & business.

Maria says, “My clients are at their best when delving into the creative, people focussed, innovative stuff that comes naturally. I’m at mine when I’m organising & simplifying the details of overwhelming, chaotic or complex projects & situations. I can flit between the big picture and the details with ease and have an inherent, inborn obsession with tidying up messes, straightening out creases and making things run as smooth as possible. My absolute favourite tool to do this with is Trello!”