Tips on employing staff

Legal tips on employing staff – including yourself!

Are you thinking of setting up your own business? Would you like some tips on employing staff? In this interview, employment lawyer Charlotte Turnbull looks at some of the legal aspects that you should consider before employing someone. It’s also something anyone in business needs to think about, even if they won’t be employing.

Charlotte explains how to look for restrictive covenants. These mean that, even if you are no longer working for someone, they can restrict you from doing something. This could include working for a competitor or setting up on your own. The end result of ignoring this is that you may have to pay their legal costs, as well as your own. You may also have to give them a percentage of your earnings. Additionally, there may be any restrictions around approaching their clients, which could last for anytime up to twelve months, or even more. 

We touch on how to challenge these, and whether being made redundant changes anything. 

Charlotte also discusses the things you need to consider if you will be hiring other people, and even yourself!  People who incorporate,by creating a limited company, are hiring themselves and need to be aware that there are legal things that need to be in place. She talks about why having a contract could be useful, as it is proof of your position, and can be used to claim government benefits, or apply for a mortgage.



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