becoming an entrepreneur

The Ten Skills You Need To Be An Entrepreneur

Why become an entrepreneur once you have been made redundant?

So, we have all worked for other people – YES!! 

Did it work out? if you are reading this article then perhaps not… as you will probably have just been made redundant.

“Sometimes we need to take control of our own destiny and just make things happen”

I have lived and worked through 3 recessions and have had redundancy hanging over my head for 15 of those years. This can debilitate our thinking process, and then you may ask yourself the following questions

Can I buy/rent that house?

Can I become fully independent?

Can I afford that car?

Can I go on holiday to X?

Can I take risks and enjoy life?

Eventually you get to the stage where you either accept your lot; or just do something about it; the world is full of two types of players: doers and talkers; which camp do you fall into?

If you are just a talker, then entrepreneurship is not for you. If you are prepared to work hard, yes…very, very hard then this could be your pathway to success!

Entrepreneurs think differently


becoming an entrepreneurTo develop the art of becoming creative; making things happen through problem solving and changing things; we become frustrated through things not working properly. This is why we love bringing new ideas and projects to life; not waiting, but doing, making the world a better place can affect how we do things. Developing the curiosity to be able to disrupt things which takes personal drive and the freedom of self-independence.

Entrepreneurship becomes a way of life; getting rid of the boredom of the everyday routine. When designing our entrepreneurship skills development programme I considered all of the key skills needed to become an entrepreneur and the core entrepreneurial skills I have developed over the years as an entrepreneur, and then developed the programme from there…

 The top ten skills needed to become an entrepreneur are…

  1.     Curiosity

Entrepreneurs are tasked to discover new problems, reveal potential opportunities, redesign their business processes, and develop the core skills needed to innovate. This is down to you being passionate about different areas of study and business cases outside of your normal focus.


  1.     Time and project management

 Careful planning, developing the correct milestones and execution are all fundamental to your success. None of this will work unless the correct project management methodology is adopted.


  1.     Strategic thinking

Learning to rip a problem apart to its core and reveal opportunities for future growth. 


  1.     Efficiency

You need high performance when it comes to solving a problem. 


  1.     Communication

Internal and external communication is paramount here, developing the ability to engage with any audience is fundamental to your success.


  1.     Branding

Building a consistent personal and business brand tailored to the right audience. Igniting brand awareness in new arenas.


  1.     Resilience

Developing the ability to be able to cope with adversity is a core skillset and strength for the entrepreneur to develop and grow into the role further


  1.     Networking

The ability to connect with the correct people/organisations is paramount for the developing entrepreneur 


  1.     Finance Management

Think of ‘Dragons Den’, you need to know your numbers from the outset to be able to develop a positive ROI on any entrepreneurial project and gain agreement and get buy in from your stakeholders and customers


  1. Sales

Where can I promote my new ideas and products?


Chris GoodwinWith a background in industry and 20 years in the skills arena, Chris Goodwin is the Managing Director of The Results Driven Group and an organisational and people development specialist. One of his core skill sets is designing bespoke management and leadership solutions that are designed around talent development and linked to business need and linked directly to business growth (ROI).

He is entrepreneurial by nature, a natural Marketer and delivers a whole range of Coaching, Management & leadership training.

Chris is offering a special price for redundant workers who are considering becoming entrepreneurs: You see more at, or email Chris on