The Secret of Great Profile Photos

How to create great profile photos


We are told not to put your photos on our CVs, but guess what the first thing an employer or recruiter does? Yes, it is to check us out on LinkedIn and see our profile photo! Having a professional photo is a small but vital part of the job hunting. A great profile photo will show the best side of us, literally and figuratively.

We talk to portrait and dating photographer Lucy Williams about the key to great profile photos. Here, she takes us through ideas for what to wear. She points out angles and poses to help us create great profile pics. Her advice is invaluable, whether we are doing them with the help of a friend or a professional photographer. It’s also equally applicable to men and women.

This is a long chatty session.  Lucy uses lots of photos to illustrate her point, so grab a cuppa and enjoy.


Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams on how to create great profile photosLucy Williams is a London-based photographer shooting portraits, interiors and lifestyle brand images for individuals and creative businesses. She began with degree in Fine Art Painting 
and am early career as a film location manager. Lucy now brings everything together with a unique eye for light and location. She also has a great skill for putting people at their ease whilst bringing out their sparkle.

Lucy has worked all over the world. She has been published in magazines including Vogue Online, Grazia, Hello, Vintage Life Magazine, BBC. Her portrait work has won awards. It  has been exhibited as part of the ‘Portrait Salon’ 2018, and shortlisted for the British Journal of Photography and Magnum Photos ‘Portrait of Humanity’ 2019.

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