Starting A Business – Finding Your Thing

Starting a Business After Redundancy: with Lucy Whittington

Many people opt for starting a business after redundancy. For some, it’s a chance to put a long-thought of dream into being. For others, a redundancy pay-out means they can take the leap into starting a business. However, finding the right business is key to a secure future. However, can you tell if your idea is going to be profitable? What does it mean if there is no competition? Have you spotted a gap in the market? Or, perhaps there is a good reason why no one else is doing this? We talk to marketer and consultant Lucy Whittington on the importance of finding your “thing.” Lucy discusses the important of testing a market and how to do this, along with how to learn from other people.

Lucy, author of Find Your Thing, takes us through the things to think about if you are tempted to go solo. She is passionate about helping other people find their Thing. The Thing is the one thing you are brilliant at, over and above what you may be qualified for. This is what sets you apart from other people. Additionally, it is the reason why people will spend money with you.

This interview is ideal for people who are thinking of starting a business providing a service. nevertheless, it will be useful for anyone thinking of going solo.

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Lucy Whittington on starting a businessLucy Whittington

Lucy Whittington always says of herself that she is “happiest seeing things that others haven’t, having ideas that solve problems, and getting better results. Lucy started her own marketing and business consultancy in 2005. She now mixes corporate software marketing with strategy for small businesses. 

Lucy is the author of 2 business books, including Find Your Thing . She is MBA qualified, and loves to share thoughts and ‘talk about Things’.

Moreover, she’s also a mum to 2 humans and 2 cats, and lives at the seaside which she always mentions.

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