Retirement After Redundancy

Can I Afford Retirement After Redundancy?


Mary Waring, founder of Wealth For Women, looks at how to calculate whether you can afford to choose retirement after redundancy. She shares a simple calculation to help you work out your figures, and offers advice on what to do if your numbers don’t yet add up.  How can you best save for your retirement? How do you spread your risk? Is taking out an annuity a good idea right now?  What choice will help you avoid inheritance tax? Is it a good idea to take lump sums out of your pension? Can you look at property as a sensible alternative? What else could you expect after you retire? Could you start a business? 

Finally, a recent Telegraph article pointed out the large numbers of women who are being forced into retirement after redundancy. This interview is full of practical advice for anyone who may be that position.



Mary Waring

is the founder of Wealth for Women and has been featured in the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Times, Good Housekeeping, BBC Radio and LBC Radio. She specialises in financial advice to women which is down to earth and jargon free.

Mary’s passionate about changing the way women think about finance. Too many women stick their head in the sand and ignore it. Or…rely on a man to sort it for them. Hence the title of her highly acclaimed book “The Wealthy Woman: A Man is Not a Financial Plan.”

She’s on a mission to help women feel more comfortable and confident about their finances, so that they are better equipped to make informed decisions about their future. Her aim is to help women manage their finances in order to give them confidence and peace of mind to live the lifestyle they want without worrying about money.