Redundancy Grief

Holistic therapist Jo Tocher on redundancy grief


Jo Tocher is a holistic therapist and emotional loss specialist. Together, we delve into looking at redundancy grief. Why is it important to recognise that this is grief and akin to a bereavement? She explains that grief is an energy reversal where we can get stuck. Eventually,  we move into feelings of pain, guilt and anger which can appear out of nowhere. We also discuss the energy spirals that can occur along with the energy dips. All this is a natural part of our journey. 

We talk about how repressed feelings can reveal themselves, and why it is so important to let them out. Even though we may not want to feel and look vulnerable. Jo also discusses how movement can help. These are small actions. However, they can be a vital step in the journey through grief. Small steps like this can help us move past redundancy grief and focus on what’s ahead for us in the future. 



Jo Tocher

Holistic therapist Jo Tocher on redundancy griefJo Tocher, is a transformational holistic therapist and coach. A member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT),  Jo’s worked with over 5000+ people. She is trained in different 12 healing therapies, which she combines to enable people to change their lives.

She’s the Author of “Life After Miscarriage – Your Guide to Healing from Pregnancy Loss”and a co-author of  “Notes To My Younger Self Vol 3” an international bestseller, and “Our Infinite Power to Heal” and has written for Jo. has worked in the iconic Sanctuary Spa, the Portland Hospital and a clinic in Harley Street, London.