Difficult Redundancy Conversations

Best practice redundancy conversations


The latest in our video interview series to help employers practise responsible redundancy.

Paula Gardner talks to clinical psychologist Dr Natalie Bodart about how to handle the delivery of the bad news. First: how do you have those difficult conversations? Dr Bodart looks at how to use your values and knowledge of a person. This will help you guide the session. She also shares advice on how to look after yourself in this process. Self-care is vital at this time, especially if you are having to do a number of redundancy conversations. Being on the delivery end also has a psychological impact. This is especially so if you work closely with a person and know them and their circumstances well. 

This video is ideal for anyone who has to deliver the tough news of redundancy to their employees or colleagues. 

Having Difficult Redundancy Conversations from paula gardner on Vimeo.

Dr Natalie Bodart

Natalie Bodart redundancy conversationsDr Natalie Bodart is a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society. She is also an accredited Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapist with the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists. The Bodart Practice is on a mission to offer high quality individual consultations and therapy as well as taking psychology into accessible spaces where we can really think, talk and get creative together through talks, workshops and retreats. You can find Natalie at https://www.thebodartpractice.co.uk

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