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Recruiter Talks: Bijou Recruitment

Insider Knowledge From Headhunter and Recruiter Amanda Reuben of Bijou Recruitment


Headhunter and recruiter Amanda Reuben of Bijou Recruitment has very unique approach to recruitment. She looks at clients not just in terms of skills and experience, but also culture fit. Are they right for the job and the business?  Starting off in retail, Amanda is now more about the right people than set sectors. She enjoys working with small owner businesses where she has built up good relationships.

Amanda shares her thoughts on how to approach recruiters and put yourself in the best position for them to help you. It’s vital that people’s communications are as good as they can be to set themselves apart from everyone else. We talk about what to have on your CV, whether you should be working with more than one recruiter, and how solo recruiters are different from large agencies. 


Recruiter Talk: Amanda Reuben from paula gardner on Vimeo.


Amanda Reuben

Amanda Reuben Bijou RecruitmentHead-hunter and recruiter, Amanda is the owner of Bijou Recruitment which delivers a premium service to fashion, retail and design brands, as well as small, founder led businesses where forging strong personal relationships is key to the success of the business.

Amanda draws on her own extensive talent pool and network of contacts, which she has built up over the years.