Recovering From Redundancy Through Walking

How Walking Can Help You Recover From The Shock of Redundancy


Walking Coach Heather Waring explains how walking can help you in the process of recovering from redundancy. She also explains how it boosts your health and immunity, sharing practical tips. Watch to find out why Heather puts walking at the top of her self-care routine, and how it can help you think through issues and problems. Walking is free. Almost everyone can benefit and start feeling better right now. You will also hear Heather’s story of how walking helped her bounce back from health issues herself. 

While Heather may work with women, her advice and tips are equally applicable for everyone.


Recovering From Redundancy Through Walking from paula gardner on Vimeo.


heather waring on recovering from redundancy through walkingHeather Waring

Waring is the founder of 1 Million Women Walking. This is a global community supporting her mission to impact the lives of 1 million women through the simple activity of walking.

Using walking,  Heather delivers self-care, coaching, nurturing and transformation to women. She is also the author of How Walking Saved My Life

Heather’s website is


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