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Non Linear Careers

Thinking about non-linear careers


We talk to careers expert and neuroscientist Dr Grace Lee who coaches around the subject of non-linear careers. Thinking about non-linear careers is perfect for these strange times when some professions are disappearing. Many of us are also being forced to pivot after redundancy. The big question for many people, though, is what to do next? You cannot just pull a whole new career out of thin air. 

I am a big fan of pivoting myself, having moved from journalism to PR to psychology. The journey has been amazing and it has added real depth to my life. I was hugely excited to talk to Dr Grace about how to start thinking about what to do next. She also dispels the myth that you should follow your passion, which is fascinating. 

The recording on this is a little jumpy, sadly. However, it really is worth persevering. We discuss an interesting career angle that isn’t often talked about. Find out what you can learn from Elon Musk! Additionally, learn how to hone in on what careers might be a good choice, and how to identify your natural proclivities. Dr Grace adds a fascinating neuroscience spin to pivoting career. 


Dr Grace Lee


DR Grace LeeGrace Lee, PhD, understands how to overcome adversity. She became orphaned as a child with no parental support or a place to call home. Although she came from very humble beginnings, her personal journey provided the backdrop to develop resilience and resourcefulness to become a doctor of neuroscience. Grace is sought after as a speaker and trainer in the areas of sales, business development, career development, public speaking, mindset, and neuroscience.