What You Need To Know About Retirement

A look at what you need to know about retirement, other than the money


Many people in their fifties and sixties who have been made redundant are now considering retirement earlier that they thought they would. We recently spoke to financial advisor Mary Waring about planning financially for retirement. However,  there is the just as important side of thinking about what you will do in your retirement. In this interview, I talk to Anne Cannings and Nigel Pacey from My Retirement Life Plan about what else you need to know about retirement

We particularly look at what might happen to people who have decided to retire after being made redundant. This may mean that they haven’t quite got their head around retirement. They haven’t prepared for it. The things that give them meaning and purpose to their life have been taken away. This could be their money, their status, their social life and their identity. They may end up feeling unwanted by society. Even people who hated work may find that they miss it more than they thought they would. 

We talk about the need to take control. While financial planning is probably the first thing to happen, what else can we do? We can think about imagining our future. What will we do? How can we fulfil dreams we’ve held onto? Who do we want to have around us?

We also talk about the danger of filling that space with lots of activities, often unpaid. While these can be fulfilling and meaningful, it is important to think about if we really want to do them. They shouldn’t be just an effort to feel wanted and keep busy. 



Anne Cannings

anne canningsAnne has over 30 years’ experience in learning and coaching. She specialises in designing and delivering tailored development solutions to groups and individuals. 

She works with individuals and organisations from a variety of sectors, including public bodies, manufacturing, scientific, engineering and IT companies, professional services consultancies, local authorities, retail, not-for-profit organisations, NHS Trusts, housing associations and police and fire services.

Nigel Pacey

Nigel LaceyNigel has over 20 years’ management and leadership experience in social housing following an early career working with young people and refugees in the third sector. 

He holds a diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, a Business Diploma in Neurolinguistic Programming and is accredited in both Strengthscope and DISC profiling.

Together, they offer a Complimentary Consultation for anyone who wants to start the planning journey but may be unsure where to start or whether coaching will help.