Your Money Post-Redundancy

Looking after your money post-redundancy 


Sarah Steel from Better With Money talks about how to look after your money post-redundancy. We look at the first things you need to do to feel a bit more secure financially. Sarah shares some tools that will help you work out where you are. She also explains why you should think about your money in three different chunks.

We discuss the different state benefits that are available if you are looking for work. Additionally, we chat about whether you should take a mortgage payment holiday (if it’s on offer). We also look at where to get advice if you are in debt and struggling, and what to do about your pension. There is help out there if you know where to find it. This is a great interview to watch if you would like to assess where you are financially after being made redundant. Or, indeed,  having your freelance work dry up. 




Sarah Steel

An experienced financial professional, qualified coach and Fellow of the Pension Management Institute, Sarah has been helping people to understand financial products and be confident about their finances for over twenty years.

She recently took on ownership of Better with Money which provides workplace financial education to bring money matters to life in an accessible and interesting way. Her aim is to help you inspire action around your finances to reduce money stress.