How to Join The Redundancy Recovery Hub


If you are an individual wanting to job the hub, you can do so at £25 a month here.


Up to 25 employees on the hub for:

3 months £750.  Buy Now

6 Months £1500. Buy Now 
12 Months (for the price of 9) £2250. Buy now

If you would like to arrange a virtual tour or have more than 25 employees please call us on 07534 984298, or book a zoom virtual tour here


You don’t need to share any of your employees’ email addresses with us. On booking, you will be sent a code which can be used a designated amount of time (so, 100 times for 100 employees). You can distribute this code to your impacted employees and then, registering with this code, they can then create their own account, password etc, and will have access to the hub for the designated time (3/6/12 months).


You can pay online today and get started, or contact us for bank transfer details. 

Virtual Tour

 You can book a virtual tour of the hub at any time here


 You can contact us here,  or on 07534 984298.