increasing your happiness

Increasing Your Happiness

Learnings on increasing your happiness


Do you think that happiness has much to do with job-hunting?  Chartered occupational psychologist Michelle Minnikin of Inspiration North likes to compare job-hunting to online dating – it’s much easier to date a happy person! That said, what is happiness and how can you get more of it? Rather than think of it as a feeling, Michelle looks upon it as an approach to life.

She discusses toxic positivity, and the importance of acknowledging your feelings. We also acknowledge that perfect happiness is not sustainable. Additionally, social media has a lot to contribute to this myth. Michelle runs the Inspiration North podcast with her fellow-founder James Eves. This has created a community of people who are interested in increasing their happiness. Here, Michelle shares what she has learned from this. One major learning being that your inner world is the key factor in your happiness.

Finally, we chat about her course 21 Days to Happiness, and Redundancy Recovery Hub visitors can take advantage of a special reduced price by using the coupon 30happy21 which will give you 30 percent off the course. 



Michelle Minnikin

Michelle MinnikinMichelle Minnikin is a Chartered Psychologist. She has had a corporate career in coaching, training, career development, recruitment, employee selection & leadership development. Today, she has set up multiple businesses to help humans live happier, more fulfilling lives.

As the Co-Founder of Inspiration North, she loves helping humans create awesome lives.