How to Help Someone Through Redundancy

A masterclass to help you support anyone through redundancy


How to help someone through redundancyIf you’re in the position of having to help someone through redundancy, our new masterclass will be invaluable.  Not only are many individuals facing redundancy right now, but they are looking at a job-market that is more competitive than it ever has been. You could really make a difference at this difficult time, whether it’s part of your job description or something you choose to do as a fellow human being doing the right thing. 

We like to think of it as offering emergency first aid for anyone being made redundant

Paula Gardner, a business psychologist and founder of  the Redundancy Recovery Hub, will be leading this session around avoiding the post redundancy panic and pitfalls. Anyone can join, but in particular it will be useful for employers, managers, HR and anyone who would like to support someone who is, or is about to be made, redundant.

Learn how to calm their panic, and face up to the very real issues that are happening. You will also leave with a process that will help take them through the post-redundancy stages and into their future.

You can sign up for this one and a half-hour workshop on Wednesday 9th December  here.