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How To Do Great Video Interviews

Acing video interviews with Susan Heaton Wright


Susan Heaton-Wright talks us through how to give our best during video interviews. Online interviews are currently one of the main recruitment tools, and look to continue that way even after the pandemic. They’re great for employers who can fit them into their working day, but also means we don’t have to travel or waster our time either. Nevertheless, they can be daunting. Not only are we using tech (which could go wrong!), but there’s also the barrier of being online, and a new etiquette to contend with…how do you say goodbye, for instance?

Ex-opera singer, speaker and presentation expert Susan Heaton-Wright talks us through how to set up our video interviews by using clever lighting. Learn how to change the depth of your voice to appear more confident and professional. Susan also shares her opinions on accents, as well as offering valuable advice on how to get over nerves Finally, she takes us through her own body exercise, Diva Feet. This will help ground and calm you before any video interview. 

This video interview is ideal for anyone who would like to improve their own online interviewing technique.



Acing Interviews Online and Off from paula gardner on Vimeo.



Susan Heaton-Wright

Susan Heaton-Wright on video interviews

Susan Heaton-Wright is a Superstar Communicator, In other words, a virtual impact, communications and speaking coach for talented professionals and creator of the Superstar Communicator™ programme. She is an international speaker; virtual speaker; panellist; podcast host, the MD of award winning music company, Viva Live Music and a former prize winning international opera singer.

She is a foundation of knowledge and know-how for for anyone who would like to improve their communication skills.

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