Sherry Bevan

How To Get A Job With LinkedIn

Tips On How To Use LinkedIn to Build Connections, Approach Recruiters and Find That Job


Sherry Bevan shares her tips and suggestions on how to use LinkedIn as a job hunting tool. From the basics of how to set up a great profile, to the etiquette of growing your network, Sherry goes through everything you need to make yourself attractive to recruiters and employers. You can see the points Sherry illustrates in the tutorial put to work in her own profile at


How To Get A Job Through LinkedIn from paula gardner on Vimeo.


An author, coach and speaker, Sherry Bevan is a former Global Head of IT Service for a City law firm. After 25 years in the City, in 2012 she created The Confident Mother, an independent coaching practice. Sherry works with ambitious women who want to manage their career with confidence and purpose. She specialises in LinkedIn training and has been doing that since 2007 when she trained the lawyers at the City law firm.