healthy eating on a budget

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Top Turkish Cypriot chef Hulya Erdal shares why the Mediterranean Diet is a must for healthy eating on a budget


Turkish Cypriot Chef and food consultant Hulya Erdal of Made by the Chef explains why the Mediterranean diet ticks all the boxes when it comes to eating healthy eating on a budget. It’s delicious, with lots of variety, and cheap. Hulya also shares her top tips for buying food cheaply and making it last. This includes way to liven up boring meals, or advice for avoiding over-spending at the supermarket. This is perfect viewing for anyone thinking about healthy eating on a budget after being made redundant. Or, indeed, anyone who would like to learn about healthy eating on a budget. 

Finally, Hulya introduces us to food therapy. This is a relaxing form of mindfulness through the appreciation and enjoyment of food. Hulya also wants us to change our mind about food. It’s not just sustenance, but a way of nurturing ourselves. For many people, food can be rushed, meaningless or even bring up negative emotions. Hulya is on a mission to change this. She encourages people to pour their love into their cooking. 

Note: The name of the site that Hulya couldn’t remember is anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe at

Filmed from Hulya’s own professional kitchen!


Eating Well On A Budget from paula gardner on Vimeo.

Hulya Erdal

Hulya Erdal on healthy eating on a budgetTV chef Hulya Erdal has spent over 20 years working in the food business,  With a Turkish-Cypriot background, Hulya’s expertise is in Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. She teaches, consults and has also delivered simple, wholesome cookery skills to many vulnerable groups, such as low income families and the homeless.

She’s  appeared on BBC One, Channel 4 and is a regular on the Robert Elms show on BBC Radio London.

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