freelance training and contracting

Freelance Training and Contracting

Melanie Charles on launching yourself in freelance training and contracting


Freelance Trainer and consultant Melanie Charles offers the benefit of her experience of both freelance training and contracting. Melanie now works part time as a freelance trainer and contractor. She balances her work with creative expression through her artwork and children’s books. Now, she shares her journey from working in learning and development for a large global company, to going freelance.

This interview looks at the pros and cons of both paths from her own experience.  Melanie also generously shares her advice on everything from how to approach recruiters to the delivery of sessions. She explains what you need to set yourself up and how you will find the work.  This interview will be invaluable for anyone thinking of entering the freelance or contracting space.



Melanie Charles 

freelance trainer Melanie CharlesOur interviewee Melanie Charles is a coach and facilitator with a past career in learning and development. Melanie combines freelance training with her own coaching practice and writing novels for children. Her passion is helping people make change in their life. She’s on a mission to Make Mondays Marvellous. She provides a platform for people to learn and grow personally, and at work. They can do this by learning more about themselves and learning skills that will help them grow in their roles. 

You can also find Melanie’s writing and artwork here and visit her professional profile on LinkedIn here

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