comparing interviews to auditions

Comparing Interviews to Auditions

How comparing interviews to auditions can build resilience 


If you think interviews are difficult, spare a thought for actors, singers and performers. They have to face audition after audition over and over again. Angela Durrant of  The Visible Club is a singer and voice coach. Angela has been on both sides of the audition scenario, both auditioning and on the panel. Here, she shares how comparing interviews to auditions can be useful.

Actors have to cultivate the skill of having an audition, analyse what happened, and then put it behind them to be able to move forwards. They also need to know the difference between fact and opinion. Facts you can often do something about, but opinion you can’t. Knowing the difference between these can stop you from turning the blame back on yourself and help you to move forwards. She also presents her formula for analysing how you did, and cultivating self-awareness. This will  help build resilience and get you closer to your goals. 



Angela Durrant

Angela DurrantAngela delivers stagecraft and speaking strategy for leaders in their field, who want to find their authentic selves, master their message and impact their audiences.

She mentors individuals and leaders who want to improve their speaking or aspire to become more influential in their role.

Angela also runs the to help self employed business owners to begin to create a simpler way to raise their profile, and reach their strategic goals with soul.