Choose Clothes to Make You Feel Good

Fashion Feng Shui: Choose Clothes to Make You Feel Good


We talk to Sue Donnelly of about how you can choose clothes to make you feel good. Sue practises, teaches and consults on Fashion Feng Shui. Fashion Feng Shui is a type of mindful dressing that Sue believes can teach you help you deal with the types of negative thoughts that may appear after redundancy. 

In this interview, we chat about how your wardrobe can support you without you having to go out and spend loads of money on new things. Sue explains the five elements: water, earth, metal, fire and wood. We chat about how they are linked to different kinds of energies, as well as different moods. She encourages us to dress mindfully. This means thinking about what you want to accomplish that day. You can then decide on what clothes, colours and patterns will help you achieve it.

Your image tells your story, so it makes sense to choose what you want to say (albeit non-verbally) to convey personality, passion, principles and purpose. Mindfully choosing what to wear is empowering, liberating and crucial to the enhancement of physical and mental well- being.


Sue Donnelly

Sue DonnellySue has a passion for fashion and style and is one of the most qualified consultants working in the image industry. She is known for pushing traditional boundaries to explore what really makes us feel ‘at home’ in our clothes.

She combines mind, heart and intuition in her image training so facts are intertwined with emotional content. Her mantras are ‘Life evolves, style evolves’ and ‘One size does not fit all’. She’s also an AICI international Certified Image Professional, winner of the Jane Segerstrom Award and the current VP Education.