Breaking Into A Creative Industry

Photo-journalist Luke Dray Discusses How He Broke Into Press Photography


Award winning press photography Luke Dray is only 21 and yet he’s managed to break into a highly competitive creative industry. He shares his experiences. some of the challenges, and practical tips for anyone thinking about using this time to follow their creative dream. We discuss the importance of reaching out to people, asking for help and the controversial question of whether you should work for nothing to build up a portfolio.

Luke is a British photojournalist with 5 years’ experience covering current affairs including stories on development, natural disasters, civil unrest, climate change and the economy in EMEA. Based in Uganda (and sometimes London), he covesr news across the African continent predominately for Getty Images, as well as doing a substantial amount of editorial assignments for charities and NGOs. He’s won several awards for his work, including from the World Photography Organisation and UK Picture Editors Guild, and my pictures have been used by many organisations including TIME, Washington Post, Guardian, New York Times and The Sunday Times amongst others.