boosting your health after redundancy

Health After Redundancy

Boosting Your Health After Redundancy

Founder of the Redundancy Recovery Hub, Paula Gardner, talks with wellbeing consultant Rachel McGuinness about boosting your health after redundancy.

Redundancy, just like bereavement or a break-up, is a shock, even if you expect it. It can lower your immune system, and exacerbate any feelings of depression and anxiety you may already be having.

Paula and Rachel share ideas on how to feel more in control, including an exercise on pin-pointing your values which will serve you again and again. They also look at how to create a feeling of connection if you are isolated after redundancy. This video also shares practical things you can do to improve your health after redundancy, such as using those initial first weeks to exercise and build healthy routines. Rachel shares her thoughts on creating a good sleep routine. This is vital to keep you fresh and perhy for job applications and interviews.

Watch this to get some ideas on how to get your physical and mental health back on track after redundancy.

Paula Gardner and Rachel McGuinness on boosting health after redundancyRachel McGuinness and Paula Gardner

Rachel McGuinness, of Wake Up With Zest, is a wellbeing consultant and has worked in the health sector for the past 16 years. Before her switch to health, Rachel worked as a European event and marketing manager in the telecoms industry.

Rachel now has her own wellness company, Wake Up With Zest and works with forward-thinking companies helping their employees become happier and healthier, more engaged and productive. She delivers talks and workshops on health-related topics such as sleep, healthy eating, fitness and mental resilience.

She also works with employees one to one offering ‘know your numbers’ health consultations and sleep clinics.

Paula Gardner is a psychologist and coach with a previous background as a PR company owner for over 20 years. She is the founder of this hub, and also has a coaching practice over at Scarlet Thinking. Clients appreciate her ability to bring a level of warmth, groundedness, and occasionally even humour to sessions. Book a career coaching session with Paula here.