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Becoming a Tropic Ambassador

Top coach Amanda Alexander on becoming a Tropic ambassador 


Have you been thinking about becoming an ambassador for a brand? It certainly seems appealing. Especially if you are looking to replace your income after losing your job. It’s an “opportunity” that’s looks fun and easy. There are great incentives and prizes linked to sales. But, is it all it’s cracked up to be?  Life coach and Tropic Ambassador Amanda Alexander shares the truth with us.

Amanda, who already had a successful coaching practice, shares what prompted her to become an ambassador. We hear about her examination of passive income streams, and how she discovered Tropic and decided it was for her. She’s honest and upfront about what she earns, as well as the ups and downs of becoming a Tropic Ambassador.  If you’ve got questions about multi-level marketing or social selling, we drill down into the social stigma around this.  We find out exactly how you can build your income stream this way. 

Learn about what Amanda believes are the big difference between Tropic and other skin care brands.  Finally, we ask the the key question : can you really replace your income by becoming a Tropic ambassador?




Amanda Alexander


Amanda Alexander on becoming a Tropic ambassadorAmanda is a multi award-winning Coach. She has been hailed as one of the UK’s Top Life Coaches by the UK Press. She is an expert blogger for Psychologies Magazine, Working Mums and Huffington Post.

Amanda holds hold the high PCC level accreditation with the ICF. She runs her coaching business alongside selling Tropic and coaching her team of ambassadors.