banish negative self-talk

Banishing Negative Self-Talk

Banishing negative self-talk after redundnacy


Juanita Dellaway is a Transformation Therapist and hypnotherapist. Here, she discusses the importance of banishing negative self-talk after redundancy. This is vital to help avoid a spiral of negative thinking. Juanita, who used to be a nurse, talks about the process of finding a new identity. This is something which is inevitable when you leave a job or profession. Juanita reports this as something that many of her clients struggle with. Here, we talk about  reframing it into something positive. 

It’s common for negative self-talk to happen when it comes to applying for jobs. Juanita takes us through a process that can help us calm down, look for help, and move forwards. We discuss the importance of networking for support as well job-hunting, and having a daily structure. Finally, Juanita explains about how to use the power of your mind for you, instead of against you. 



Juanita Dellaway 

Juanita DellawayJuanita’s passion is to help men and women in the workplace overcome anxiety and depression. She is also keen to enable them to increase their self esteem and confidence to move forward in their lives and career.

A rapid transformation therapist and hypnotherapist, Juanita has made a career change from nursing.