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A Money Survival Plan

Money Gym author Nicola Cairncross shares her suggestions for a money survival plan after redundancy


Money moves into centre stage after being made redundant. You will need some kind of money survival plan. Nicola Cairncross, author of The Money Gym, has been through many testing times herself. In this video interview, she shares plenty of practical advice to help you get a grip on your finances. Now a business woman with her own digital marketing consultancy, Nicola is a big believer in the importance of mindset. Her suggestions cover the things you need to do to get back into control of your spending. However, she also covers the tweaks you can make to your mindset to help you build a comfortable future. 


Together, we discuss signing up for universal credit, and getting a universal credit loan to tide you over. We go into the many things you can do to change your life to spend as little as possible at this time. Nicola also shares how she built her own business to be completely online. It now means she can work from Greece when she fancies it.


However, she is also very frank about her own life, mentioning her bankruptcy and the shock of losing her partner and the impact that had on her life. We dive into mastering your emotions and your self-esteem to help you rebuild your new life. We also discuss ideas to help you stand out, add extra value and get the job you want. 


Nicola Cairncross


Nicola Cairncross on your money survival planNicola of is an author, speaker, and digital marketing consultant. She helps entrepreneurs get seen everywhere through her Clicks and Leads Academy. Nicola shares her time between Shoreham-By-Sea, Sussex where her grown-up kids live and Stoupa in The Mani, Greece. 

Her book, The Money Gym, a nine step programme, has now been updated and covers a number of ways to save and then invest, which is the hidden ingredient to making money. Nicola has very kindly offered to give all Redundancy Recovery Hub readers their own free copy of The Money Gym and you can sign up for that here.